Who We Are

All this, with no up-front cost. We keep things simple, and only charge a commission once you’ve made a sale on your website from our product listing. We also offer Google Shopping ads, which further increase your product sales and once again – we only charge a commission on sale.

100 Million


3 Million


5 Million

What We Offer

How can we help your brand?

We drive incremental sales for you brand, our methods produce revenue in addition to your existing campaigns without any cannibalisation of your impression share.

Attract new customers

Recapture existing customers

Increase brand awareness

Improve ROI

Increase site visits

Quality traffic to your products

Incremental sales

Boost your revenue


What brands say about working with us

“We gained incremental sales, increased our ROI on our own campaign and gained additional support for Google Shopping by partnering with RedBrain. If we didn’t have an additional campaign running for us at the same as our own, we would have missed out on £500k in sales. Running our own campaign under the RedBrain CSS umbrella has saved us 20% on our Google Shopping CPCs since being set up, while giving us an additional channel of support for our Google Ads campaigns. RedBrains consultative approach to our Self-Service CSS activity has helped us grow total sales and improve performance. Their expertise in optimising product catalogues down to SKU level has let us see performance at a greater level than ever before”
eBay have been working with us in 6 European countries for CSS since last December through our Managed product. We've done over £50m in sales, 42% of which were incremental. They have been particularly impressed with our ability to match their inventory to key competitors (Amazon, Argos, B&Q and Wickes) and then bid on search terms where competitors were previously dominant and eBay had no impression share. We were able to match 92% of Electronics in the UK and drove performance at a competitive rate to their own internal Google Shopping team